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Welcome to Roundwood Park Veterans League.

Roundwood Park Veterans League was set up in the summer of 2011. The league is for players aged 35 and over, there is a wide range of age groups playing, with some teams in there 50's and some in their late 30's. The league brings together the whole of the local community. On most nights you'll have local postman, doctors, dentists, hair dressers, mechanics and police officers playing against one another.

The original midweek league started in September 2011. The league consisted of 8 teams, with teams playing each other twice. Games last 50 minutes and are overseen by qualified referees; between September 2011 July 2012 three seasons were played.  At the end of each season the league holds a presentation evening at the Cock in Harpenden. Here awards are given out for league winners and players of the year for each side in the league.

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